Secondary 1 Week 32 Update

The week and August started off with some good news from GG. If you remember, before the June school holidays, GG was nominated by her class teacher to try to become a student councilor aka prefect. The good news is that she made it! However, for the rest of this year, she, along with the rest of the Sec 1 student councilors are on probation. They still have to do duties, but they will be assessed on the way they behave in school, on how they maintain their grades and decorum as well as how they go about doing their duties. Then at the end of the year, sometime in November, before school ends, if found to be fit to continue, they go in for a council camp after which they become full-fledged student council members.

I am really happy for GG. She suffered from some serious self-esteem issues, especially when she didn’t do well in her PSLE exams and was placed in a stream lower than her brother and friends. However, she has started shining in her new school, winning the Model Student award for Semester 1, doing well in her Sem 1 exams and now on the verge of becoming a student council member. She has also become more focused in school and now wants to top her level this year.

BB, on the other hand, is still as playful as ever. He seems more interested in playing his games than school work. I guess it’s true that boys mature much later than girls and once his life ambitions kick in, he will start becoming more responsible and start working hard to achieve his goals.

Have a happy Sunday folks!


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