2016 Week 32 Update

Another week has flown by and I am still unemployed. I think I will give it a month more and then probably then stop looking for the rest of this year. I plan to go to India in November/December for BB’s thread ceremony and I would feel very awkward taking leave from my new employer if I start work after September.

I have mentioned before my helper’s contract ends next month and we have decided to renew it in the hope that I will get a new job soon. She is a good helper and more importantly a very nice and decent person. If I am going back to work in a few months, I do not want to lose her, at least until GG & BB are competent enough to be alone at home after school.


My ex-boss who told me he will put me in touch with someone whom he thinks I will be able to work with also ghosted me! I emailed him last week after the dinner – after he said he will help me connect to someone who he thought would be great for me to work with and asked me to write to him – and he replied immediately asking for my resume. So I sent him my resume the same day last week and there was complete radio silence after that. No response to my email to even acknowledge the resume. I let it wait for a week and then at the end of last week, sent him another note asking if he could share that person’s email or telephone number so that I can contact them directly. No reply to that also! So I think I can legitimately say I have been ghosted!



Anyway! With the hope that this week is better than the last one, here’s wishing any Singaporean reading this blog, a very Happy National Day tomorrow and a great week ahead to all the others!



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