Secondary 1 Week 33 Update

This was a very short school week for GG & BB. Monday was a half day with no studies as schools celebrated Singapore’s National Day. Tuesday and Wednesday were holidays for the same, so when Thursday rolled up, it felt like a Monday all over again!

I also went for a PSG Core Committee meeting at GG’s school this week. Since I am not working full-time at the moment, I thought of being more active in their schools. It was an interesting meeting as this school’s PSG is not as active as BB’s school, even though GG’s school is the more established one!

GG also went with her choir to see a programme at the Singapore Choral Festival, which she loved! After she was back, she was raving about the singers and how they were able to pitch their voices real high.

I was very upset with BB yesterday. From my school PSG chat group, I realised that the school has already released the year-end exam school two weeks back! Luckily one of the other parents posted pictures of the schedule. When I checked with him, he just gave me a sheepish smile and said, “I forgot”😱 Boys, I tell you!!

Well that was what happened in our school week. Exams start in about a month’s time so time to start cracking the mom whip. 

Have a happy and blessed Sunday everyone! 


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