Secondary 1 Week Week 34 Update

This was another week which just flew past.

I was very upset at BB at the beginning of the week. On Sunday night, just before bedtime, he came to me asking me to get a Science class test signed. He had failed in the test! And this was his strongest and best subject, one that he loves! He got strongly scolded by everyone (including his beloved grandmom and grand-aunt). I ended up revoking all phone privileges, squeezing his phone time to the minimum and also started supervising his studies again (I had given it up when they both entered Secondary school). I also spoke to his Science teacher, who also happens to be his form teacher. End result of that conversation was that his sitting place in class was changed to a seat close to the teacher and also the conversation meant that the teacher will be keeping a keener eye on BB in class.

GG started her first duty as a student councillor and her duty this term was basically patrolling the other exits of the school before the actual start of school and making sure no student enters through those gates when the bell rings. She seems to enjoy this, making new friends with her seniors.

Another two weeks for this term to end and then there is a week long term-break. After the term break, both the children will be busy with the year-end exams….



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