2016 Week 34 Update

This week flew past, in spite of it being a normal working week. I am now very comfortable with being a SAHM and hardly applied to any new position this week. Now as I write this post, I wonder why?

This week was taken up with the planning of BB’s Upanayanam or Poonal as it’s called colloquially. We’re planning to do this in Mumbai in the early December and last weekend we were at my mother-in-law’s house to discuss how many people they want to invite. S then got the name of a printer locally and I reached out to them and this weekend we went over to finalise the invite. We’ve chosen a simple invite and have given the order for the invites to be printed. I also reached out to some friends to get recommendations for a photographer for the event. I’ll be reaching out to these contacts next week and finalise this too soon.

I’ve been hit by a major case of writer’s block. In the past two weeks, I’ve not written anything! I just don’t seem to dredge up the inspiration to write and if it was not for some previously saved drafts, this blog would be suffering this week. I am really hoping that this situation improves this week and I can write soon.

Have a happy Monday and a great week folks!



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