Secondary 1 Week 35 Update

Nothing much to update this week except for BB once again getting ticked off in school. On Thursday, I got a call from him saying his Geography teacher wanted to speak to me. When I spoke to the teacher, it turns out that Mr BB had not handed over a graded assignment, in spite of the teacher giving him an extra day to do so. His teacher is a nice person who does not want to spoil his overall grades, so even though she was justified in giving him a zero, she will be giving him pro-rated marks based on his classwork, which is around average. I was so mad at him, within the last two weeks, this is the second incident where he has shown zero interest in school!

Next week is the last week of term 3 and then from Friday it’s a 10-day break for the children before they start term 4 or ‘Exam Term’ as I’d like to call it. Both will have to go back to school a couple of days during the term break for supplementary work or CCA or both.

September is a-calling folks!



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