2016 Week 35 Update

The haze is back in Singapore! I really thought that we will be missing it this year, but it hit us this weekend, peaking on Friday and Saturday and then petering off on Sunday. Hopefully, this does not come back, though meteorological reports say otherwise. We’ll be having the PSI rising when the winds blow the hazy winds towards us.

September starts this week and it’s my favourite month of the year. BB, GG and I have our birthdays this month and it’s also the month with the birthday of my favourite God – Lord Ganesh which, this year, happens next week. It’s also the month which starts the countdown to the festival of Diwali, so all-in-in I really like this month. Hope this month turns out to be as special as I wish it to be!

Update on BB’s poonal preparations – the printer has still not sent me the mock-up of the card, he was to send it to me last week itself, but nothing yet. I waited till Friday to see if he would send it to me by email, and then gave up and called him. He said he was sick and so could not do it and said he would send it to me the same day or latest by Saturday. I now have to chase him later today. I also wrote to two photographers, whose contacts I got from friends and they’ve not yet responded too. Need to chase them too and finalise the photographer soon. Last I need to finalise where else in India we will be going after the poonal and book tickets for that place along with our Singapore-India plane tickets. Lots of work this week for me.

My Reading Challenge update – I’ve read 145 of my updated challenge of 150 (if you remember, my original challenge was 125 books in 2016). I’ve now updated my challenge to 155 books and every time I am 5 books shy of the target (until December), I will increase the challenge by another 5 books. I am hoping (really) to reach 200 books this year, lets see if I manage it!

Have a great week folks and happy September!




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