Secondary One Week 36 Update

Term 3 in this school year has come to an end. The children are on a week-long holiday and will go back to school on 13th September (after the Hari Raya Haji or Bakri Id) holiday and get into the business of finishing the school year with exams. Exams start around the end of the month and school ends in the end of October.

On the last day of the term, which in Singapore is celebrated as Teachers Day, both GG & BB, went to their primary school, along with other primary school friends for an alumni ‘Homecoming’ the school organised. GG had spent the better part of the week making Oreo Truffle chocolates. She made for all her primary school teachers plus some for her and BB’s secondary school form teachers. Hope it was well received by the teachers.

I also spoke to one of GG’s form teachers to ask her about GG’s chances to progress to the higher stream (the one that BB is in). The prognosis seems to be quite positive and according to the teacher, if the student does well in all her subjects, the teachers will discuss the promotion of the student to the stream and if the teachers agree that the student can cope with the vigour of the stream, they will let the student know, who in turn will speak to her parents and if all agree, the parents have to go down to the school to sign the appropriate documents.

GG wants this, so I am egging her on to do well in the end of year exams. I will leave the decision to her, but I want her to get the offer from the school as a validation of her efforts during the year.

Have a great Sunday folks!


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