2016 Week 37 Update

This was holiday week for BB & GG, and the children were at home most of the week. Except for one day when both had school, either one of them was at home each day and so the week seemed to go by quite fast.

I’ve been having a very serious case of writers’ block for the past few weeks and am just not able to write any post. Every time I sit in front of the computer with a half-baked post in my head, I can’t seem to move beyond that. I really hope that this block goes away soon.

On the work front, I’ve given a couple of initial interviews but have not heard from them after that. One is a temp contract position in a big MNC and the other seems to be a permanent position in a local NGO. I’ve written to both of them, so let’s see what happens. I am seriously not happy with the way this job search is going on and this writers’ block, is to a very large extent, based on being continually rejected in my job search. My self-esteem is also quite low these days and I find myself self-talking myself down. I am not buying anything for myself, even for basics, I need to convince myself to buy. Luckily, I stocked up quite a bit of personal care products before my redundancy and so I am not so bad….

I need to get out of this funk and become more positive. If anyone reading this prays, please do for me….

Have a great week!


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