Secondary 1 Week 38 Update

This was week 1 of the last term of the school year, which is the shortest of all terms.

Yesterday was also their Hindi year-end exam, the one exam which gives me palpitations each time. As usual, BB will not pass (I swear, I will throw a party the year BB finally passes this exam!). GG said it was one paper was quite difficult, but the other one was ok, so hopefully she has done not too badly here.

This week was also the week when GG & BB turned 13! Sometime in the middle of the week, we suddenly decided to let them invite a few friends for a small party. Both kept waffling on whom to invite and when and then suddenly on Friday, we nailed it to around 6 friends coming over later today. I’ll go to the cake shop and buy a cake and maybe some pastries and order pizzas for thr children as the party is more tea than dinner. Hope the children have a good time later today…

Next week will probably be a less full week and then the exam madness will hit us!

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