2016 Week 38 Update

This week was a good one I think. I started the week with news about a job I applied to and ended it with a small party at home to celebrate BB & GG turning 13!

I had applied to this position in the not-for-profit sector towards the end of the week before last. Last Sunday, while waiting for the children to come back from their grandma’s house, I idly went through my spam folder in my email and lo behold, the email from the person who advertised was there. I have no idea why it went to the spam folder and more bizarrely I don’t know why I checked that folder on that particular day because I almost never check the spam folder! I quickly wrote back and we agreed to a phone conversation on Tuesday which was the next working day (Monday was a public holiday in Singapore). I spoke to him and I may have convinced him enough that he wanted a face-to-face meeting soon. Since I was free, we agreed on the next day, Wednesday. We met just before lunch and contrary to what I usually encountered, he insisted we have lunch (I thought the most will be coffee somewhere) and we had quite an interesting conversation. I know he will be meeting/talking to other applicants and if I make the cut, I have to speak to a couple of advisors to the organisation before the final decision will be made. I also mentioned about my India trip and he brushed it saying the real work will start only from January, so it should be ok. I can use the time to read up and do research or visit partners. Salary also seems not to be a big issue. So now I am keeping all fingers and toes crossed as if this does not work out, I am going to take a hiatus from looking for a job till the new year. Usually, around this time of the year, people do not leave their jobs as this will affect their year-end bonuses as well as the annual wage supplement. I know I lost out on the contract position I wrote about last week because of my trip – the recruiter was nice enough to let me know the reason and not blow my away!

The poonal preparations are coming on fine and we got the cards from the printers last week. Later today, I am going with S and S’ mum to give the first card to the temple. Then I need to send a bunch to my parents and the rest need to  be posted to people here and sent via email to others.

Have a great week folks!!




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