2016 Week 39 Update

That’s it, I just give up….for the moment al least! When I wrote my weekly update post last week, I was full of anticipation regarding the interview I had done the previous week. I was supposed to hear from them regarding the next round of interviews latest by last Monday and I got ghosted again! I waited till around Thursday and when I did not hear back, I texted the person who interviewed me, followed by an email to the same individual. I also (inadvertently) sent him a LinkedIn request, which he accepted over the weekend! I really don’t know what to make of this? If they have decided not to proceed with my candidature (and as an employer, they are fully within their right to choose the best fit for their organisation), but it left a slightly bad taste when this person did not choose to respond to either my text message or email. A one liner saying they were not considering me would have sufficed. Anyway, I am going to write this away too and probably just reach out to this individual again maybe at the end of this week or next, but I will not hold any hopes. I am also not going to apply anywhere else till I am back in December, no point in going for any interviews now, right?

This was pretty much my week this week…..I am super excited about my India trip and the poonal and it’s all systems go in our home, preparing for the function. But before that, we need to finish exams and then there’s Navratri and then Diwali to look forward to….

Can’t believe that September is also coming to an end soon…

Hope everyone has a great week….

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