Secondary 1 Week 40 Update

Nine months are done and we’re now in the last quarter of the year. The children are in the midst of exams and the school year will end by the end of this month.

GG had a small incident on Friday in school. For a few months now, for no real reason, she has been constantly kicked out of her class WhatsApp group chat. Initially, she used to ask friends to add her back in, but later gave it up when it happened one too many times. On Friday, when she came back from school, she looked very upset and when I asked her what happened, she burst out crying. When I was able to calm her down and get the details, I found that the previous evening, the Maths teacher had reached out to the class chairperson and asked the class to bring some specific books to class. The class chairperson then put this request in the group chat. Since GG did not have access to the class group chat, she did not take the things needed and got a ticking off from her form teacher. Her form teacher also told her about certain other things she and other teachers have noted about GG and reprimanded her saying, if this continues, she will ask the school to take away her student councillor badge and position. This upset GG, and by extension me as I knew how GG strove to be a model student in school. I texted the teacher asking if I could speak to her and the teacher called me almost immediately.

I texted the teacher asking if I could speak to her and the teacher called me almost immediately. We spoke and I mentioned about the class chat group and also wondered if GG was being cyber bullied as one of the first instances of such bullying is to kick out the person being bullied from these chat groups so they don’t know what is being said about them as well as allow the others to talk trash about the person. The teacher also mentioned the other things she spoke to GG about and in those, I did agree with the teacher, GG had made some mistakes, but these were small ones, not big enough that the badge is taken away. However, small mistakes can add up to become big ones and after the talk, I did spend time with GG talking to her and explaining why the teacher spoke to her about those instances. Within 5 minutes of the teacher speaking to me, GG got added to the class group chat again. Hopefully, this incident will teach Aditi about accepted behaviour from the school on part of student councillors as well as be a learning point for her.




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