2016 Week 40 Update

Another month has gone by and I am still jobless! I did get an email from the not-for-profit organisation I wrote about last week letting me know that they are not considering me for the position I applied for. However, the person mentioned they have something I could do there and they will get back to me around the end of October. I also have another interview set up for later this week, but the position I applied for and the position I am interviewing for seems a bit different. They called me the other day asking for work samples – I wonder what kind? I’ve never been asked any before and I told them the work that I’ve done before all belongs to the companies I’ve worked for, I can’t show it to them without permission. I’ll just go for the interview, but have zero expectations here.

Other than that the week has been pretty mundane – housework and working on the blog is all that I seem to do these days. Am feeling depressed too with some money issues popping up now, especially with BB’s thread ceremony on the horizon. When we planned this, we expected to be comfortable, financially as I was still working and earning a decent pay cheque, but the contract ending was very sudden and not working 5 months down the line is making our savings reduce at an alarming rate!

Anyway, I am of the ‘glass is half-full’ camp and so believe that everything happens for a reason and that these testing times will go away soon….

Have a great weekend folks!


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