2016 Week 41 Update

As mentioned last week, I went for another interview earlier in the week. It was quite promising and the main person on the panel (there were 3) spoke of what I would do and what I should focus on. I am supposed to send them some writing work done (they needed some help in some marketing collaterals and so asked me to do one as a sample), but I have to still hear from them on what I need to do as well as meet the top person, which will happen towards the last days of the month as that person is still travelling. So let’s see. The job seems interesting, the people nice. If I get it, it will be good, but otherwise, I am feeling quite zen….

The last two Sundays have been busy with going to S’ relatives places to invite them for BB’s thread ceremony. We decided to only go to his close uncles and aunts (parent’s siblings) and sister’s place to invite. The others, we will post the invites. The time for us to leave for the ceremony is nearing and there’s so much to do!

We also need to prepare for my father-in-law’s annual death anniversary (called shradh in Hinduism) which we perform each year to keep his soul as well as the soul of his ancestors happy for the rest of the year. He passed away just before Diwali and so I usually will wait for this to finish before I start working on my Diwali preparations. So it’s a busy month for us here….

Over the weekend, GG & BB had their annual music class concert at the nearby temple where their group again sang a devotional song in their group in honour of the various goddesses.


Today is the ninth day of the Navratri, which we South Indian’s celebrate as Saraswati Pooja. Today is the day we honour the Goddess of Learning and so I have put a few of GG & BB’s school books plus a laptop in front of a photo of Goddess Saraswati. This honors and celebrates anything that you use to learn and work.

Have an amazing week filled with positivity!



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