Secondary 1 Week 42 Update

Exams ended for both children and BB even got back some marks. He got back marks for Maths, Science and English Literature and did well only for Maths. We’ll know what went wrong only when we see the papers next week.

Friday was a holiday for both of them and in the morning, we went to the bank and got them their very own savings accounts. Since they are under 16, the account comes with many restrictions and has to be a joint account with an adult (aka me). But as a start, it’s a good way to get them into a savings habit well before they start working and earning.

Later in the day, a whole bunch of BB’s friends came home and the boys (plus one girl) had a blast playing games, chatting and generally having fun.

Next week is results week plus some after exam activity. GG has a School Councillors camp which is compulsary for those who want to become confirmed as Councillors next year. This camp is a stay-in camp where she will have to stay in school overnight. BB has a glider fest in one of the polytechnics here which is an almost 12 hour activity the week after next. Plus GG has some choir practice as they are planning for the Singapore Youth Festival next year.

That’s all the updates for this week. I’ll probably do another couple of weeks more (till the end of the month) and then that will be the end of the Secondary 1 updates for this year.


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