2016 Week 43 Update

Another week which just went past, without much happening. 

I went for a second interview to a position where I felt I had done very well for the first interview. They asked me for a writing sample and after I sent that out, I learned that they had also contacted my references. At this point, I was quite confident about the second interview, which I (erroneously) that the second interview was just meeting the organisation’s top boss and the head of HR. Then a day before the interview, I get a call asking me for one more writing sample. This threw me off, but I sent them something before the end of the day so that they have something before the interview. 

The second interview was disastrous (in my opinion) and the lead interviewer was extremely aggressive, with questions and comments. I felt very uncomfortable there as this person seemed to pick on every point, designed to show how I am not a good fit. The interview also lasted less than 30 minutes, which I felt was not a good sign. Anyway, the next steps would involve them getting together to discuss all candidates and then come to a final decision. I do not hold much hopes here, so I am quite ok with whatever the decision will end up being. 

I’m busy with Diwali prep now and there’s some issues going on which I alluded to previously, but which can’t be revealed as yet. 

There’s also BB’s thread ceremony stuff to finalise. We’re just around a month away from our India trip, so that’s something to look forward to. 

I hope this week is a better week for me and you all…

Wishing all a very Happy Diwali! May this festival of light brighten up and light up your lives. 


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