2016 Week 44 Update

We’re at the end of October and there’s just slightly more than 60 days for thr new year. 

This weekend was Diwali and so pretty much the week was spent getting ready for one of the biggest festivals in India. 

I was busy this whole week, but it was all home related except one day when I had to GG’s school for the parent teacher meeting. 

I haven’t yet heard from the company I interviewed more than a week back, so I will write them off. I do plan to give the HR person who liaised with me on the writing samples I had to produce for them just to get closure. 

As for my reading, I’m at book number 164 with my revised target being 175 books at the end of the year. My actual target (if I manage to get there) is to read 200 books this year, a double from my 2015 book challenge!

Also for the rest of the month, till we fly off to India is my planning for BB’s thread ceremony for which there is still work to be done. 

Enjoy the last day of October and have a wonderful week!


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