2016 Week 47 Update

Another hectic week where I was left wondering where the days flew by!

BB went for his school leadership camp for 3 days and GG missed him terribly. She kept asking me when he would come back and that she missed having him around to fight and play with. BB said pretty much the same thing when GG went do her leadership camp a couple of weeks back. Guess this showed me once more the special bond that both have, which is more I think because they shared a womb and have been together their entire life. I really hope GG will be able to cope with BB’s absence during his National Service which will be for two years, though he should be able to make it home most weekends. They’ll be older too, so hopefully more mature. 

You all must have heard of the demonitisation of the Indian rupee which happened two weeks back. What the government did was declare the 500 and 1000 rupee notes not legal tender anymore and it’s created chaos in the country. Suddenly the money people had for their daily expenses didn’t exist anymore and the queues in bank were and are insane. What it means to me is that no bank or money changer in Singapore has any relevant and legal rupee anymore. For us, who are flying to India next week, this has created so much problems. I’ve been running around asking people for whatever small change they have and have just about managed to cobble enough for a taxi ride from the airport to my home! Hopefully there are money changers in Mumbai airport from whom I can change some money, otherwise I have no idea how I am going to shop for the poonal. 

I also decided to take my involvement in BB & GG’s schools up a notch. I volunteered to be part of the school Parent Support Group’s exco committee. I also want to do the same for GG’s school but I am already in what they call the core committee and her school is not so into the PSG as BB’s school. 

We also caught Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them over the weekend and all of us, me, GG & BB loved it. It’s a sort of prequel to the Harry Potter series and I understand this is the first of five movies. If you are a Harry Potter fan, please do see the movie. 

That’s all from us this week. The next few updates will be from India! So more from there….

Have a wonderful week!!


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