The rain fell hard, beating down on a well-trodden path,

Puddles abounded in the garden as if they’ve taken a bath.

The trees glistened with water, the sun a light amber,

Suddenly over the horizon, the world breaks into a smile….

An upside down smile, if you must, but a smile all the while,

Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and rounded up with Red.

You stop and stare at this beautiful spectacle;

Mother Nature at her finest, puts any painting to shame.

Reminds to stop and take in the beauty of her game,

The perfect pause to a day filled with stress and full of blame

The rainbow also tells of being that special pause in someone’s life

That which makes them smile in the midst of their life’s strife

Be that rainbow and bring a smile, brighten up someone’s life….




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