Wanderlust takes over….

Growing up, as a little girl, one of my favourite books was my copy of the world atlas. If I remember, I had a fairly old one (it should have been at least a decade or so old by then), it actually showed Jakarta as Djakarta, which was the Dutch spelling, but I loved the book. I’d spend hours reading the various maps and learning the names of all the countries in the world as well as their capitals and major cities. Later on in school, Geography became one of my favourite subjects and I loved the map work which came with it, so much that my classmates would wait for me to complete my work just so they could copy it off me!



Source – That’s a life goal for sure….

What’s the above paragraph leading to? I just saw TripAdvisor’s best destinations of 2016 and this has ignited the wanderlust in me. In fact, the other day S and I were talking about trips to Europe and the States. We have family in both places and a chance to visit these countries would be awesome. We just need to start saving up, with four adults, airfare alone will be a huge expense.




Throwback to Siam Reap

Back to the best destination list – London, UK has been declared the best in the world and Siam Reap, Cambodia the best in Asia. London’s already on my bucket list and now that travel has become a lot easier for us as a family, we aim to see a lot more of this region as well as Europe and America. Within Asia, I really want to visit Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Japan and other smaller countries.


I guess this is what happens when you come back from a holiday, you start planning for the next one….



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