In My Hands Today…

Roll Out The Champagne, Singapore! – Catherine Lim

2328061330 stories about ordinary Singaporeans at their best and worst, their joys and griefs and angers, their dreams fulfilled or lost. They are tales about the awesome human condition and the even more awesome human spirit, interweaved with the author’s vignettes of her nearly 50 years in Singapore, such as how she came from Malaysia to live in Singapore and her run-in with then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong.

Stories include:

  • The Quitter Who Stayed
  • A Sock on the Jaw, a Blow on the Solar Plexus
  • The Taximan Cometh
  • A Writer’s Roller Coaster Ride
  • The BKBC (bo kia bo chap) Interview
  • Little Red Dot
  • A Good Man in Singapore
  • Elvis Presley Gave Me a Winning 4D Number
  • Thanks , but No Thanks, Censorship!
  • The Sixth C

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