2016 Week 52 Update

We’re in the last week of 2016 and I for one am glad that this year has come to an end. 

Merry Christmas everyone! May this day of joy bring the true meaning of the season to everyone’s hearts…

Last week GG got a letter from MOE (Ministry of Education) that she has obtained a scholarship for doing well in school. She was ecstatic, to say the least and was jumping up and down in sheer joy. The money is not much, but a recognition of her hard work during the year. For the first time in more than three years, BB didn’t get anything – neither the scholarship nor the merit bursary. He shrugged it off, but I could see he was very disappointed. Hopefully he buckles down in 2017 and studies hard. This is an important year for both – its streaming year where they get to choose their subjects for their O levels. For GG it’s her last chance to get into the better stream. 

I also helped out in BB’s school this week for the new Secondary 1 registrations. This is something I plan to do on a regular basis this year, irrespective of whether I am working or not. 

Yesterday we also went to buy shoes for the children as well as stuff BB needed for his CCA. 

Hope the rest of 2016 is good and happy and you end the year with a smile. May 2017 be an awesome year too!

Keep smiling….


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