2016 Week 53 Update

Happy New Year! May 2017 bring love, peace and prosperity to your lives!!


I for one am glad that 2016 is over and a new year, with loads of potential is awaiting us. Hopefully this will be a much better year for all of us with wishes being fulfilled and goals achieved.

This is the last update from me for 2016 and this week was a fairly busy week. On Boxing Day we went to the ArtScience Museum to catch the NASA Space Exhibition (Review coming up soon) and also scrambled to get the children and S’ OCI cards in by the deadline which was 30 December. The Indian High Commission here did not reach out to the diaspora at all to let them know that they can convert their PIO cards to OCI cards without any fees, but they refuse to accept it saying it was on their website. Luckily a kind immigration officer told us when we were leaving India and hence the scramble. I don’t check the HCI website unless I have some work with them and no one amongst my friends and acquaintances told me this, so I was completely unaware until the officer told me. Anyway, we made it just in time and hopefully the conversion will go through without any issues.

BB & GG start school in two days time and this year their school ends much later than last year. By the time they come home from school, freshenup and get ready for lunch, it will be almost 3:30 – 4:00 pm. That’s not lunch in my opinion, that’s tea. I should now look at sending them to school with something heavy for recess and also something else light for their five minute break before the last two periods. I need to research this fast before school starts. This year is an important year for both as its the streaming year for them where they have to choose the subjects they will take for their O levels.

Have an awesome week everyone and again Happy 2017!


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