2017 Week 2 Update

This week also flew by quite fast. I was quite busy preparing for my two interviews in the week that I hardly had time for much.

Speaking of the interviews, both interviews were the shortest I’ve had to date. The first one should take pole position as the absolute shortest interview, it only took 5 minutes of a couple of questions before they started asking me if I had questions. With my questions, I managed to increase the time spent to slightly over 10 minutes. I know I will not get a callback here, as usually if you know you are not going to proceed further with a candidate, you don’t really spend time with them. But they’ve said they will let me know in a week or two if I make it to the next round. Another reason why I know I may not get a callback is they need someone urgently with a very specific skillset and experience as they need to hit their KPI by the middle of the year and I don’t have that experience. I don’t understand why they invited me to interview, though!

The other interview, in the same general vicinity of the first one also lasted just slightly over 15 minutes. This was probably the most unfriendly panel I have met – they didn’t bother to introduce themselves and I assumed the main interviewer would be the potential boss and one other person the HR. No idea who the others were. This went better than day 1, but the biggest negative about this position is that it’s based on a project which is initially expected to run for two years, which makes this position only a short-term one. Anyway, they too should let me know either way by next week. In the meantime, I need to still apply and no reply….

S’ cousin and his family are in Singapore this week for a family holiday. They are staying with S’ mum and so we invited them for dinner yesterday. Since I knew we had to go out for GG’s award ceremony after lunch, I did as much of the prep work as possible in the morning and even made a couple of dishes before hand. So all that was left for me to do after the ceremony was to make sure the house was nice and sweet smelling and some last minute cooking. R came home early from her off day to help me make rotis. It was an enjoyable evening spent talking and chit-chatting.

This was my week, hope this week is better than the last and may your week be awesome!



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