2017 Week 4 Update

Nothing exciting happened this week! There, I live a very boring and mundane life and this weekly post does showcase this!

This has been a long weekend, because of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. Living in a multiracial and multicultural society like Singapore, you do get tend to be caught in the celebrations of the festivities of the other races.

Speaking of multiracial and multicultural societies, I am appalled by what is happening in the United States these days! The latest edict by their President which has banned not only immigrants from six largely Muslim countries including legal green card holders is plain ridiculous. Most of the immigrants from these countries are fleeing persecution and hope to arrive in the ‘land of the free’ but that’s not going to happen now. Instead, countries which have exported terror (I won’t name them here, but any simple google search will tell you which ones these are) are not included in this edict, including the countries whose citizens were responsible for some of the most heinous attacks in and on American soil and people. Guess his business trumps human decency!

GG & BB’s dream universities are in America, but if things do not improve, I don’t think I will be comfortable sending them to that country to study as minorities keep getting targeted. University is still almost a decade away for BB, so we still have hope!

I also have loads of family there, some who have been there for decades and are naturalised now and some who’ve been there for a few years now. All of them are highly educated professionals and earn quite well. Browns and minorities even walking the street now begets paranoia and I am quite honestly, worried for them.

Hopefully, the people realise that we’re all human beings and citizens of the world. In this day and time, when distances are not really that important, it’s not wise keeping your borders closed, that too because you are paranoid….

Needed to get this out of my chest, so thanks for reading if you’ve managed to get so far! Hopefully things will get better soon.

January is almost over,  so let’s hope February brings with it better tidings. Have a wonderful week folks!


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