2017 Week 5 Update

Where did January go? Can’t believe that it’s already week 6 of 2017….

Nothing much happened this week which was a short week because of the Chinese New Year long weekend. S went back to work on Tuesday while the children stayed at home one more day. 

I ended January with completing something I actually randomly decided to do on New Years Day. I had decided to finish up the loads of masks I had and never used and so decided to do a 21 day challenge of masking daily. Then I upped it by adding a spot of mediation while I masked. Some days I was so tempted to just go to bed, but I determined on and ended the month doing it every single day. I am so proud of myself. I then decided to do something for myself every month as mini 21 day challenges. 

In February, I’m going to do some things exercise every day, even if it is for 15 minutes daily. I want this to be lifetime changes and not something I will do for a month. I am still masking, though every other day now and meditating daily. 

This was pretty much my week this week! Leaving you all with a gorgeous sunset I saw yesterday. 

Have a great week folks!


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