In My Hands Today…

Great Australian Outback School Stories – Bill Marsh

18372259If your teacher commuted to school in a plane; if you had to watch out for rogue bulls rather than traffic; if your daily pick-up was done by a horse – you probably went to an outback school.

This collection of more than sixty stories, gathered by Bill ′Swampy′ Marsh in his travels across Australia, perfectly captures the experience of life growing up in the outback. Whether you loved school or not, these stories will bring a smile to your face and maybe even a tear to your eye, as students and teachers alike share their yarns and memories of a time gone by.

…this little kid, he spun around at me and he snapped, ′Piss off, Miss.′

Of course, I immediately replied with, ′Excuse me. In this school we always use our best manners when we talk to teachers and adults. So what should we say, then?′

And this little kid, well, he looked up at me all sheepish and he said, ′Well then, Miss, piss off, PLEASE.′


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