2017 Secondary 2 Week 6 Update

This was the usual week for the children, with school, CCA and some studies. 

GG’s school has had the Sec 3 streaming talk with them and she is not very happy with the subject choices that are offered to her stream. I need to wait until the parents talk next month before I sit with her to discuss what subjects will be best for her. I also need to speak to her form teacher about this. 

I also attended a parent support group meeting in her school where the principal was present and shared with him some of the things that GG has been telling about her class. Apparently her class is already quite notorious and some children are very disruptive in class with the end result being the whole class gets penalised. 

Next week is the parent support group meeting in BB’s school and the week after the tea session with his principal. 

Happy Sunday everyone!


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