2017 Week 6 Update

Another week went by and nothing really to update. My days flow by one after the other and the days blur into each other. I started the week in a funk where I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Luckily I managed to get out of it by mid-week and the rest of the week was ok.

I also went to see a primary care nurse from a major hospital as part of their GP outreach diabetes programme. This included a foot and eye test and then counselling with the nurse practitioner.  I was quite ok with the talk with the nurse because, according to her, compared to the others she saw, I have more knowledge about my condition compared to others. Anyway, as suspected, I have to lose weight as my BMI is really high!

I also realised one more thing – I rarely left the house last week and should do something about it. I realise that I am slipping into depression and should do things that make me not go into it. I realise that our sense of worth is tied to our occupation and since becoming a SAHM, I feel that I am starting to feel, perhaps worthless?

Anyway, on to better thoughts and ideas – let this be a better week for everyone

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