2017 Week 7 Update

Another week and time for another update. Nothing really happened this week except that I walked out of an interview. It’s the first time I did this. 

What happened was that I had applied to two positions in this organisation – one a fairly junior one and one a senior one (more suited to my experience). In the beginning of the week, someone called me asking me if I was still interested in the position and during the call, twice or thrice repeated the question. I found it a bit strange thinking that unless you were interested, you wouldn’t apply, right? Then I realised I had applied for two positions and when I read the job descriptions, I was sure I was being considered for the senior one as the junior one was really very junior. So I prepared for the senior position and went down for the interview. 

There, I found around 4-5 people already waiting and found it weird that they called so many people for an interview at the same time. That was red flag number 1. We were asked to go into a meeting room and there I found that with the exception of one other person, all the others were very young, maybe just out of school or perhaps trying for holiday jobs. That was red flag number 2. Then the HR person came and introduced himself and said it will be a group interview (red flag 3) and I was thrown back to my group discussion interviews after I had graduated, eons ago! Then he asked if anyone knew what the job entailed and mentioned a few things. At this point I knew I was wasting my time and decided to leave. I told the person that since I had applied for more than one position and since their email did did not specify the position, I came here thinking it was for the senior position. I then left there chalking this all up to another experience in the job search process. 

Actually I am this close to just giving up and becoming a SAHM. Interviewers and recruiters who speak to me say I have a very strong resume and experience, but I really don’t know why this is not translating into a decent job. Am I doing something wrong? Perhaps, I need to re-evaluate my search strategy. Lots to think this week.

Hope you all had a much better week than I had. May the coming week be better for all of us! Happy week….


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