2017 Secondary 2 Week 8 Update

BB has his common test this week and also got back his Math results. He was quite confident about doing well this time, but when the marks came out, he realised he didn’t do as well as expected. He lost 7 marks to careless mistakes! Now I wonder what his other papers will show up….

GG also got back some marks, she has done much better than expected, except in Maths, which she didn’t do as well as expected. But then, this is the first exam on taking Maths on a higher level, so I am hoping she will do better in the mid-year exam.

I also went for a breakfast and tea session with BB’s school principal in the latter part of the week. There were approximately 40 parents there and what I realised was the overwhelming fear or perhaps the dread that technology has for parents. Most of the questions was relating to cell phone usage by children and the sometimes excessive Whatsapp and messaging as well as the social media usage they had. One takeaway I also had was that I was absolutely right in putting limits in BB & GG’s phone usage as I realise that if I didn’t do this, they would go absolutely out of hand, as some of the other parents have mentioned.

Anyway, planning to take the children out later today, so hope you all also have a good weekend!


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