2017 Week 8 Weekly Update

They say when it rains, it pours! As if the stress of looking for a job is not enough, I also have additional health issues to deal with. A couple of weeks back, I did an eye and foot check-up as part of a primary care package. When the reports came out, they want me to go for additional tests as the results from one eye is slightly out of whack for one disease. According to my doctor, it could be nothing, but it could also be something. I went to get a referral to the hospital’s ophthalmic department and it has been fixed for next month.

S’ mum also was sick this week, so since neither S nor his sister could manage to take her to the doctor, I did it. This meant I was out of the house almost all the days of the week, which also brought my daily steps up significantly. I still haven’t touched the 10,000 I planned for any day yet, but baby steps!

I took the children out yesterday since we’ve not been out in ages. The original plan was to see a Bollywood film, but the movie I wanted to see was rated NC16 here. This means that only those who are 16 and older can see the film and they check IDs before you enter the theatre. So that plan dropped and then we decided to go to a regional library since we hadn’t been to a library since November when our local library was closed for renovation and followed that up with a spot of shopping. Retail therapy is great – haven’t shopped in ages and it felt so good…

Have a great week people!


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