2017 Secondary 2 Week 10 Update

Before I start updating this week’s school update, a shoutout to WordPress – I like this new format, slightly different, but lovely. This was the last week of school before they break for a one week holiday and then start term 2.

This was the last week of school before they break for a one week holiday and then start term 2. So in both schools, it was a time for them to do stuff other than regular school curriculum.

GG’s school had a camp for all Sec 2 students. Unfortunately, they didn’t go out anywhere but just stayed in school. On the first day, they stayed in school and did some leadership and other life skills study and on the second day, they went to Sentosa Island (for non-Singapore readers, Sentosa is an island off the mainland, which was developed as a pleasure island and can be reached by a small bridge/causeway) and did some trekking and other outdoor stuff. Then they ended the week with a Cross country run at the Marina Barrage. This is super far from both home and school and though the school had arranged for transport going there, the students had to make their own way coming back. I was a bit worried actually for GG as this was the first time she was going to downtown Singapore and had to make her own way home. The school did arrange for guides along the way to show the students the way to the train stations, so that was useful and she came home safely. I was happy for her that she managed to be independent here!

BB’s school was also supposed to have an overseas learning camp in Malaysia, which got cancelled this year due to logistics reasons. The students were disappointed, but that happens right? Instead, they did a History Investigation by going to a new museum which was set up and which showcased the Japanese occupation of Singapore (which incidentally they are learning in History this year) and a Geography Investigation where they walked around the neighbourhood of the school to learn about the different rocks found there. They also did a Maths trail where they went to a mall and tried to apply maths to real-life concepts (like car park charges, store receipts etc). They also had cohort days where they worked on some Lifelong learning modules. Their school uses art and music as their lifelong learning module and BB has signed up for acapella music and video photography.

This week is a holiday, but GG  has to still go back to school for choir practice since SYF is round the corner. We also need to start working on the mid-year exams and I need to get both to clean their rooms and most importantly, their book shelves!


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