2017 Week 10 Update

Nothing really to update this week. It was the usual week and I can’t think of anything that really stood out for me.

I’ve been eating well as well as walking a lot, as much as 2 hours daily, over the day and consistently blowing my daily step targets out of the water! I hope this translates soon into not only some serious weight loss but also a significant improvement in my HbA1C numbers. We will know that only over time!

A cousin of mine announced her third pregnancy on our Whatsapp group and this was a surprise to all of us. She said it was not planned, but all of them are happy with this news. The kids, of course, are ecstatic and the moment I mentioned it to BB & GG, each said they hoped it was the same sex as them as they wanted to play with the new baby! I’m glad for her and her husband!

That’s all from my side now. This week is a school term break week so the kids will be home most days, let’s see if I can do some stuff with them. There’s a museum I want to explore with them, so I am hoping we can go there sometime this week.

Have a great week!


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