Secondary 2 Week 11 Update

Although this was the term break week, it didn’t feel like that at all. And we didn’t do anything that I wanted them to do – namely getting BB & GG to clean their cupboards.

GG had school every single day with the exception of Tuesday. On Monday they had to go to the venue of their SYF competition performance at the School of the Arts for a practice session. This was a late evening session from 5 – 10 pm and she was exhausted by the time she got home. Luckily S was able to pick her up from the venue itself, otherwise, it would be even later when she got home. Then a couple of days more for choir practice, including a choir exchange programme with another secondary school and then on Friday, the school took the entire secondary 2 cohort to see an exhibition titled, ‘Make the Future Singapore’ which was by Shell (the oil giant).  This exhibition celebrates scientific and engineering innovations and is something that is in line with their applied learning programme of clean energy. GG said they had lots of fun there.

As for BB, he went out with his best friends to see the Lego Batman movie and then spent the day with them at the beginning of the week. Well, that’s all he did the whole week. The rest of the time, he enjoyed his holidays by reading and playing games and then when he was bored of that, he did some holiday homework and when nagged by me, studied a bit!

That was the children’s no school week. They’ll be back in school for term 2 tomorrow and this is a shorter term with more intense work.


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