2017 Week 11 Update

This was quite an interesting week for me. The week started as usual and since the children were at home because of their term break, it was controlled chaos at it’s best!

Mid-week, I got a couple of calls from recruiters for positions they had advertised online. In one case, I had to go and see their client with just about 2 hours notice! I also got a message through LinkedIn from someone in HR from a big multinational company for quite a senior position. Initially, I thought this was an elaborate prank, though why would someone prank me like this, I wondered. I did respond to that person and have sent them my resume, though I do not hold any hope there!

I also met up with a career coach and they critiqued my resume which made it better. The coach will also work with me for the next few months so hopefully, all these efforts will make a difference and soon.

GG and I went to see Beauty and the Beast yesterday and it was fun doing a mum and daughter time. BB was not really interested, so he stayed home with S. We really enjoyed the movie and since both like Emma Watson, it was a fun day.

This was my week, hope next week is better than this one! Have a wonderful week folks!



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