Secondary 2 Week 12 Update 

Term 2, week 1 of school. 

A fairly normal week as far as school was concerned, usually term 2 will see the pace slightly intensify as teachers race to complete the curriculum in time for the mid year exams. 

GG has been quite busy in school especially with her choir as the dates for the competition is just a few weeks away. Once they finish the competition, they should stand down CCA until after the exams. She has also been asked by her English teacher to emcee an event in school, for which she is super chuffed. The only thing is that rehearsals for the event clash with some of her CCA practice and so she needs to work this out with her Teachers. 

As for BB, I’m constantly on his case to start getting serious about school. He needs to do well this year so that he can get the science stream next year, but as usual, it’s all white noise to him! Sigh! I really wonder when he grows up! It’s going to be difficult in his school as most students choose this school because of the importance of their STEM Programme, especially in aeronautics and so it’s very likely that a large portion of the cohort will end up wanting to take science next year. But when will this enter this boy’s head?

Anyway happy Sunday people!

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