Secondary 2 Week 13 Update

Nothing really happened this week! 

It was a normal school week with GG coming home late every single day. One day she was out for more than 13 hours and when she came home, she was beyond exhausted. So much so, she reverted to becoming whiny and irritable – just as she used to be when she was younger!

On Friday, we went to BB’s school for the secondary 3 streaming talk. Initially it was just going to be me, but later I realised that students were encouraged to also come and this was also validated by the support group I belong to. So I strong armed BB to come with me. It was an informative talk and we understood the options BB has for next year. 

Given that he wants to do aerospace engineering, he has to take the science course. I prefer him to do a double science double humanities combination (physics, chemistry, history and a social studies with geography elective) and not do a triple science combo with full biology. I’ve heard that biology is very intense in terms of the time you need for it, so which is why we decided on the science/humanities combo. Also if he decides to go to junior college instead of the polytechnic, then his contrast subject can be history which then should not be too difficult. 

A big relief was that for science stream, they have qualifying marks for English, Maths and Science and only these marks will be taken into account when deciding who gets to go to the stream. The good news is that BB’s marks are not too bad in these subjects, but the bad news is that they are not spectacular too! He really needs to work hard and score as high marks as he can in these three subjects!


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