Product Review: King Koil Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Since the time we came back from India in mid-December, I had been having real bad neck and shoulder pain when I woke up in the morning and this pain used to continue to a good part of the day. It was so bad, that it used to affect my entire day and I had to spam massage oils as well as muscle relaxants throughout the day just to get through the day.

At one point, S suggested that it may be my pillow which was the issue and asked me to check out some new pillows. I went online and checked some, but was put off by the price tags that some of the really raved pillows had.

That weekend, I took the children shopping and on a whim went to a department store to look at pillows. There I chanced the King Koil range which was on a good offer and tried them in the store. I liked it and decided to buy a couple since they were on a 75% off offer. I bought the pillow for S$68 while the retail price was around $200 (can’t remember the exact price now). This is the most expensive pillow I have ever owned in my life and while buying, I was a bit sceptical whether such an expensive pillow will help me in any way.

I’ve been using them now for slightly more than a month now and so decided to review it here. Both S and I have been using it and I have a more positive experience than him.

I am a side sleeper while S is a back sleeper. I feel this pillow is more helpful to side sleepers than back sleepers as the contours of the pillow are more suited for a side sleeper. To a back sleeper, the curve is slightly higher and may not be as comfortable.

The pillow is touted as a 100% visco elastic material for space technology and has an aloe vera treated fabric cover. It is an elastic memory foam pillow which keeps its shape and also helps alleviate neck and shoulder stress, stimulates blood circulation and restores vital energy. The pillow also has small massage ball-like indents in the pillow which give your neck a massage as you sleep.

The dense material of a memory foam pillow prevents aches in your neck and does not allow it to bend in awkward directions and also keeps your spine aligned and moulds itself to the shape of your head. These will also retain its shape even after many months of usage and will not need fluffing regularly.

I’ve been enjoying using my massage pillow for the last month or so and have a positive feeling. My neck and shoulder pains are almost gone and I wake up quite fresh daily. Another good side-effect of this pillow (for me at least) is that I fall asleep quite fast at night. Previously it used to take me a minimum of 15-20 minutes to fall asleep after I switch off all electronic devices and keep my book aside and switch off the light. I also used to wake up a minimum of twice per night, but these days this has reduced to once or even none on most days!

I highly recommend this pillow, but only if it is under $70. At the original retail price I saw at the department store, I would not buy it. So if you do find a good deal on this pillow, splurge a little, especially if you suffer from neck and shoulder pain like me; it will do you a world of good!


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