2017 Secondary 2 Week 14 Update

GG had a very busy week what with the emceeing duty rehearsals as well as rehearsals for the SYF. She had to stay back after school every single day and came home quite late, especially the days when she had emcee rehearsals. When she’d come home, she would be tired and cranky and would want to just sleep, but homework would beckon. I felt this was a slice of adult life for her. But try explaining that to a cranky, hormonal 14-year old! Thank God all this ends next week with the competition sometime then. Hopefully she then gets time to study for the mid-year exams. 

BB’s week was quite mundane with his teachers racing to complete the curriculum before the mid year exams start at the end of the month. But as usual, he is quite gungho about the whole exam thing. He needs to score well to get into the course of his choice. Ah well, I can only keep nagging him about this. I also attended his school’s speech day representing the parent support group and it was quite an interesting experience. The function was a lot more formal as compared to what I’ve seen in their primary school. 

Anyways this was our school week. Have an amazing Sunday people!


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