2017 Week 14 Update

This was the usual sort of week, but with one small difference. I had to go back to the hospital to get my eyes checked again as well as take a test I had failed the last time I was there. It took a while, but the doctor has, for now, ruled out any glaucoma. I was quite happy when I heard the news as this disease has no known cure at this moment. But I will still have to go back for a check-up after around 18 months just to check out my eyes, which can get ruined due to diabetes!

I have been walking a lot for the past few weeks, averaging around 10 km per day. This took a toll on my right ankle and it had been painful on and off for some time now. By Thursday, it was so painful that I could not even walk. So I had to see the doctor who gave me some painkillers and a gel to put in the affected area. The pain went away within a day, but I decided to keep my feet up for the next few days to ensure it is completely cured. So from today, I am back to my regular exercise programming!

That’s all from this week folks! Hope this week will be better than the last one (I keep writing this and hoping week after week, but to no avail)!

Have a wonderful week people!




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