2017 Week 15 Update

This was again the same sort of week. I’ve gotten some calls from recruiters and even went for a first interview, which, according to me, went well. I haven’t yet heard back from them yet, so hopeful for the same.

This weekend was a nice long one, one that coincidently had a public holiday on the Tamil New Year day. So I was able to make a nice lunch for everyone at home and pretty much the whole weekend was spent at home.

S left yesterday for a week’s trip to India. His nephew’s first birthday is being celebrated in India and so he, along with his mum and aunt went for the celebrations. I and the children decided not to go because of school.

Yesterday, when I was talking to my mum we happened to speak about a cousin who was planning to do his son’s thread ceremony in Sringeri, the small town in the state of Karnataka which is the seat of his Holiness, the Shankaracharya. We are followers of the Shankaracharya and so this trip which will happen 4-5 years down the line will be very special. I was telling my mum that even if the children are busy with school and if it happens during term time, I will make a trip alone. That led me to think that I’ve never really taken a holiday alone (work trips don’t count!). I want to put that on my bucket list and do this soon. And if I get the chance to go on any work trips again, I want to take a couple of days, especially if it is a new place, to check out the place and see the sights!

Have a great week people!


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