2017 Secondary 2 Week 17 Update

For both the children mid-year exams have begun. It will go on for almost two more weeks and then chill for a month or so before the next term starts.

Last week, one night after the children had been to bed, I got out of my room for something and saw the light still switched on in BB’s room. He was playing some game on his laptop when he should have been asleep. So I had a good talk with him about what he wants to do and how he will get there. He needs to do well in specific subjects this year to allow him to take pure sciences. He says all the right things to me, but the execution, well that’s something else. This week he brought back forms for two space camp home and they look really interesting. The first one is a generic one, but in the second one, they’re going to have a space scientist from NASA who will come over to talk to them as well as talks on NASA’s mars rovers etc. I think I am more excited than him for these camps. I am so thankful that the school/govt subsidies mean that we pay little to nothing for these extra activities!

GG has also been busy in school with exams. She is much more focused than BB, but her stakes are also slightly higher this year!

They both got the Hindi exam marks yesterday and GG, surprisingly didn’t do well. BB, well, the less said the better! I am quite disappointed with both, more with BB than GG as he just doesn’t get it!

Have a wonderful Sunday people!


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