2017 Week 17 Update

This week marked one year of me being unemployed! I was quite down this week without really knowing why and when I realised the date, I realised the reason for my depression! I don’t know whether to carry on with this or just give in and do something else!

Over the weekend, we went to my sister-in-law’s son’s first birthday. On the morning, I messaged her to wish the little boy and also asked if she needed any help in setting up her home and decorating. She replied she had not brought anything to decorate! So anyway, it was a good time talking to some people we don’t see often, but she had not invited many people, less than 20, including family!

I don’t want to be so negative here in this space, so unless I am gainfully employed, I have decided not to write about this anymore. My life is fairly boring, being at home and every day follows the same pattern. I can go days without even heading out of the door!

I’m going to stop this sob-fest right now. Today is the first of May, so may this month bring you happiness and joy!


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