Secondary 2 Week 18 Update

Again exam week. The week started with a public holiday on Monday which is the best kind of a holiday (other than a Friday holiday)!

BB had another day off because of Mother tongue exam so he was able to stay home and study for his exams. 

During the week, GG came back from her Maths exam saying there were some questions which they were not taught about. I immediately wrote to her maths teacher (after finding who he was in the school group photo and then digging his name and email address because GG didn’t know his full name and there were two male teachers with the last name in the Maths department). He got back to me the next day telling me they will get back to me and after a day, I got a couple of emails from the HOD explaining the situation. It was a logical explanation and I was happy with the outcome. What happened was a single line explanation last year made a 3 mark question this year! I am quite happy the school was quite proactive in reaching out to a parent to sort out the questions I had. 

Exams end next week with Friday being a holiday for both where both school Teachers will be marking their papers. So I have to plan some post exam activity for them then. 


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