Secondary 2 Week 20 Update

This was the penultimate week of school before they break for the mid-year holidays and other than paper checking, the children had some fun in school. 

GG went for a two day coding workshop. Initially she was very resistant to the idea of coding, even after I explained how it was a life skill these days. Her reasoning was that she was planning to major in humanities so coding which was a science subject was of no use to her. But she enjoyed the workshop so much that she was super excited to go back to school for the next day’s session. She also did a geography investigation where they interviewed residents near their school on their take on the amenities found there and what they liked/disliked about the neighbourhood. They now have to do a report and present it to their class. 

BB was the big surprise this week. His school’s lifelong learning programme is music and arts and as part of this, they had a music fest in school where students had to make groups and perform like a band where they have one or two students singing and the others playing instruments.  Now although BB was in his school choir in primary school, after his voice broke almost two years back, he has refused to sing at all, being very self-conscious about his half childish and half adult voice. So when he told me he was going to sing, I was actually surprised and GG and I landed up at his school to listen to him. We were pleasantly surprised. He did a great job of singing One Direction’s Night Changes and they were the only group who got calls of encore and one more song from the audience which mostly comprised his cohort and some parents. After the concert and the next day, many students came up to him to tell him he had sung well. The best accolade for him came from his principal. He met her in the corridor and she stopped and told him he sang very well. BB was so happy when he came home that day!

This week is the parent teacher meeting in both schools and then they break for almost a month. Both have activities the first 10 days of the holidays and then it’s play time for them. 

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