2017 Week 20 Update

We’re close to the halfway mark of this year and I suspect I am starting to get depressed with this whole job hunt business. 

This week was my usual sort of week with some errands I had to run outside the home. It actually felt good to get out and I am really yearning to start working again so I can be out and about. For someone who prefers books to people, this is surprising even to me! I think this year plus of introspection has made me even more committed to doing a great job should I be hired. Though I sometimes wonder if I will ever get hired. Wonder if it’s my age which is against me. Anyway I did promise not to bring my negativity here, so I’ll stop right here. 

School ends this week and I should really start planning a short holiday. S is busy but can spare a couple of days. So need to research places close to home. I am actually rooting for a destination in Malaysia which is a 3-4 hour driving distance away, but will look at some Indonesian islands which are a short ferry ride away too!

Have an awesome week folks and hope your week is filled with joy and happiness. 

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