Poem: By the Sea

I’ve always been fascinated by the sea. I’ve always lived in seaside cities, but unfortunately never actually lived next to the sea. I can look at the sea for hours, the waves crashing into the shore. These lines are inspired by that fascination and the hope that someday I will get my wish for a home next to the sea.

By the Sea


Watching the waves crashing on the shore,

Watching the sea spend her debris at our door.

I wonder what lies at her shores, what riches she stores?

She is mercurial in her moods, she is the nurturer to multitudes;

She is calm as a mirror, she is blue, green and azure

When she gets angry, she is tempestuous and boisterous

She is stormy, she is antsy, sometimes screaming like a banshee

She is the source of quiet contemplation, she is my way of relaxation.

I just wish I can watch her forever, but life is not choosy,

My dearest wish is to have a little house by the sea!


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