Secondary 2 Week 21 Update

The holidays are here! School ended and the holidays started officially yesterday and will go on till 26 June. They get an extra day this year since Hari Raya Puasa or Ramzan Id is on 26 June which is a public holiday in Singapore. 

We had parent teacher meetings for both of them on Friday and the comments from their teachers could not be different. 

First BB’s report. Except for Maths, he didn’t do well in other subjects. We spoke with his form teachers who teach him Science and English and they said he is quite talkative in class. This actually came as a surprise to me as he is fairly quiet at home. But apparently either he is talking with his friends or someone is talking to him and so he feels obligated to respond. He is also quite messy and disorganised, which I agree with and who can forget comments about his handwriting! His teachers mentioned that the O level papers are not marked in Singapore and unless his writing improves, the marker may not spend time trying to understand what he is trying to say. So that’s my project for the holidays. 

Now to GG. She has gotten very positive remarks from all her teachers as her school allows us to consult individual subject teachers unlike BB’s school. One of her teachers called her ‘an angel’ and all very very appreciative of her work ethic and attitude in school. They were very supportive of her ambition to do something in mass communication as they also felt it was something she would do well, given her love for the humanities as well as her strong grasp of the English language and her skills in writing and speaking. She needs to work on Science as that seems to be her weakest subject and I am quite seriously considering if I should start them both for tuition in the subject. 

This was our week, which somehow seemed to fly. This week, both have school, but on different days so I’ll have each one at home, maybe time for some 1-1 with them. 

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